4 Hot Tub Benefits

Looking For A Trusted Hot Tub Brand? Check Out Hot Springs Spas!


When buying a hot tub spa, customers might feel overwhelmed with all the various brands and models available to them. How are you supposed to choose from all of these options? It’s simple; one brand stands out among the others. At Emerald Springs Spas, we can provide our customers with Hot Spring Spa models, the #1 industry leading brand that offers some of the best spas in OKC! There is a reason that Hot Spring models are the most commonly sold and installed spas in Oklahoma City. Emerald Springs offers two hot spring product lines, the High-life series and the Limelight series, each with their own unique design, layout, and jet positioning. These are hot tubs for sale OKC customers must check out! Here are just some of their features:

1. Advanced Water Care Hot Spring Spas come fully equipped with world-class, state-of-the-art water engineering that guarantees clean water. With continuously pumping, silent water purifiers and non-bypass filters, these models provide filtered, clean water daily. 

2. Ergonomic Hydro-Therapy Our Hot Spring models offer revolutionized jets, using the Moto-Massage DX design. This involves 2 separate jet streams moving in opposite directions simultaneously. The Moto-Massage brings an entirely new meaning to the therapeutic hot tub.

3. Energy Efficient Hot Spring spas offer some of the most energy efficient tubs in the market. The Highlife series is fully insulated with a layer of high density foam intended to retain heat, while the water pump and heater are designed to deliver maximum results with low energy consumption.

4. Going Green How many hot tub dealers in OKC can claim their products are environmentally aware? Hot Springs models come with enhanced water filters for cleaner water, a protective coating that insults and saves energy, in addition to substructures made entirely of recycled material that is also recycled at the end of its lifetime.

These are just some of the benefits of buying a Hot Springs spa model! These products truly embody the manifestation of luxury spa life, and as leaders of industry innovation, ownership history for these Hot Springs portable spas is unbeatable. Their stewardship in water filtration, energy efficiency, jet propulsion, and tub design have made Hot Springs the irrefutable champion for the OKC massage spa. Stop wasting time with anything lesser, come check out our website today and view our extensive supply of Hot Springs spa models!

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