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Great Spa Products and Hot Tubs OKC

In Bethany, when it comes to Hot Tubs, OKC homeowners choose Emerald Springs Spas for all their indoor and outdoor recreational needs. As the best Hot Tub Store Oklahoma City has, we offer a broad range of spas and hot tubs from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Our water-based products are durable, stylish, and create a relaxing mood in any home setting. Whether you are looking for a simple model to relax in every evening or want a custom spa with all the latest features, we can help you find the perfect new or pre-owned hot tub for your home.


Discover the Benefits of Hot Tub Spas

The mental, emotional, and physical benefits of water therapy have been well documented through the ages. When combined with a quiet, secluded environment, hot tub spas provide a relaxed atmosphere that brings the mind and body to rest.

Modern spas offer numerous features that make water therapy better than ever. Some features include:

  • Hydro massage
  • Water jet configurations
  • Lighting systems
  • Energy efficiency
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Safe entry and exit steps and rails

Emerald Springs Pools & Spas in the Oklahoma City, OK area carries a complete line of hot tubs and spas from Hot Spring, Hot Spot, Limelight and Fantasy Spas. These products are the world’s #1 selling brands – and they are also backed by great warranties.

Our quality products will be sold and delivered by the dedicated staff at Emerald Springs – and our commitment to exceptional customer service and support is unrivaled in the OKC metro area.


Your Local Spa and Hot Tub Authorities

For nearly two decades, the team at Emerald Springs Spas has provided our clients with exceptional customer service while offering the highest quality water products in the industry. Our entire staff is highly trained and knowledgeable of all spas and hot tub models. Our services range from spa and hot tub sales to delivery and installation, repair, and ongoing maintenance.

We do more than just sell hot tubs in OKC. We offer comprehensive service so that you are 100% satisfied with every aspect of our work. Our goal is to help you find the right product that you can enjoy for many years to come. Do you have questions about any of our line of spas? Our staff is happy to answer them and guide you every step of the way so that you can get the product you have always wanted.


We Carry The #1 Spas and Hot Tubs in OKC

Emerald Springs Spas offer a wide selection of Oklahoma Hot Tubs and spas that are designed by some of the top manufacturers in the industry. We partner with leading companies such as Hot Spring Spas, Fantasy Spas, Tuff Spas, Endless Pools, and Splash Super Pools. We are a fully certified award winning retailer of these reputable manufacturers who produce the most durable and stylish spas and hot tubs on the market. We only offer the best for our Oklahoma clients.

One of the best features of our hot tub spas is that they come in different sizes to suit any space. You can choose from multiple depths and dimensions as well as different colors, textures, and designs.

  • Seating Capacity Range: 2 – 8 persons
  • Sizes Range: 6′ 0″ x 3′ 11″ x 2′ 4″ to 7′ 7″ x 9′ 2″ x 3′ 2″
  • Volume Range: 115 gallons – 510 gallons
  • Colors: grey, white, brown, and other shades and tones


What are Hot Spring Spas OKC?

Hot Spring Spas OKC is the most installed spa in Bethany, Oklahoma. They are cost effective spas that will save you money more than any other product. Advanced engineering includes easy water maintenance, dependable features, and filtration systems that keep the water clean with continued use.

Emerald Springs Spas carries a wide array of Hot Spring maintenance and cleaning products to help keep your hot tubs performing well season after season. As well as our repair and maintenance services offered in the OKC metro area.

Hot Spring spas focus on efficiency to keep your energy bill low each month. They offer everything from long-lasting heaters and pumps to fully insulated covers that keep the inside liner safe at all times. You will enjoy hydrotherapy that comes from the Moto-Massage Jet, which has redefined how hot tub jets operate.


Fantasy Spas

Your entire family will have plenty of room to relax and soak in a fantasy spa. Fantasy spas offer capacity seating for everyone. Whether you are hanging out in the lounge, stretching out on the raised cool down seat, taking advantage of the full bench seat or want to feel like you are in charge in the captain’s chair, you will find that there is plenty of room for you in a Fantasy Spa. The Fantasy Spa model “Entice” features 27 full jets that stimulate all muscle areas for an entirely relaxing experience.

Fantasy Spas are the ultimate plug and play spa that can fit into just about any setting. You can choose from 2 to 5 person tubs that carry all the same components. You do not have to sacrifice quality for space, either. The spas are spacious enough for a full hot tub experience. Fantasy Spas are the perfect addition to any deck, backyard, bath or pool area. They provide extreme comfort with their ergonomic shape. Just hop in and unwind.


Tuff Spas

Tuff Spas feature the most durable spas on the market. Known for the resilient surface and long-lasting material, Tuff Spas can handle daily use from the family as well as take all that Mother Nature can throw at it. The one of a kind cover design can hold up to 500 pounds of weight and never needs to be replaced. You will save money in both repair and maintenance costs each year. The Tuff cover comes complete with a Lifetime Warranty.

Tuff Top Covers are manufactured from industrial grade polyethylene plastic. It is robust enough to provide protection for the spa while also acting as a shelf or bar when it is opened. You never have to worry about placing anything too heavy on Tuff Cover. Tuff Spas are easy to operate and easy to clean. They are the most accessible spas you will ever own. Tuff Spas feature a solid one-piece bottom that allows you to install your spa on any flat surface. The bottom does not need a pad for buffering. Best of all, Tuff Spas are plug and play. Set it down and plug it into the wall, and it is ready to go!


Delivery and Installation

At Emerald Springs Spas, we go the extra mile for our clients by offering full delivery and installation of all hot tubs in OKC. There is no place too far for us to travel. By having your product delivered by professionals, it will ensure that it is safely transported and properly installed according to manufacturer specifications. Since our products are covered by manufacturer’s warranties, having them implemented by certified staff will guarantee that everything is done under warranty guidelines.

Once you pick the spa that you want, tell us when and where you want it. We will load up your new tub, deliver it to your backyard, and install it to your specifications. The installation process is fast, easy, and saves you time and effort. We set the entire model up so that when we are finished, you will be ready to fill your spa immediately and start your spa experience in hours. Our goal is to make it easier than ever for you to have your very own spa or hot tub.


Enjoy the Convenience of Your New Hot Tub

Everybody loves Hot Tubs Oklahoma City, but no one wants to travel several miles just to hop in one. Spas give you the feeling of being on vacation with your family and friends, but without ever leaving the house. Are you tired of sharing the tub with strangers after working out at the gym? Spas and hot tubs give you complete privacy to unwind and just be yourself.

There are no time limits at home like there are at hotels and gyms. It is difficult to relax when 15 people are waiting on you. It is even harder to relax around big crowds and noisy facilities. A hot tub gives you the opportunity to rest the most worked muscles and free your mind in minutes in the comfort of your home. Simply turn it on, put on your music, pour your favorite drink and enjoy the rest of the day.


Try It Before You Buy It

To provide you with 100% satisfaction, Emerald Springs Spas invites you to bring your bathing suit and try out our new hot tub spas on site. We have several models that you can ‘wet test’ before making a decision. We realize that each of our clients has their personal taste and style. With that in mind, we encourage you to put any of our working hot tubs and spas to the test by jumping in and trying it for yourself.

You can try out all the new features. Experience first-hand what it feels like to be in one of our award-winning water therapy products. We stand behind each hot tub and spa that we sell. This is why we invite anyone to hop in our tubs and relax for a few minutes. Once you try the Best Spas and Hot Tubs OKC offers from Emerald Springs Spas, you will be ready for a home vacation for the rest of your life!


Searching for a hot tub and spa in the Oklahoma City area? Visit our showroom or call Emerald Springs at 405-789-5500.