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Spas transform any area of your home into an instant oasis. Emerald Springs Spas offers a wide array of brand name hot tubs and spas that are designed to suit any home setting. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge to help you find and install the perfect luxury spa for you. Our products are constructed from reputable and nationally recognized manufacturers that homeowners know and trust.


A hot tub is an investment in your home that you will enjoy for many years to come. The next time you are ready to install a spa in your home, contact the professionals at Emerald Springs Spas. We are Oklahoma City’s leading pool store, pool repair, and water rejuvenation specialists.


Award-Winning Hot Tub Providers

Emerald Springs Spas strives for excellence in every aspect of our business. We are continually trying to find ways to improve our products, customer service, and facilities. We never settle for less than our absolute best. Our entire staff is highly trained and has extensive knowledge of all of our products and the spa industry in general. Our pursuit of perfection has earned us three awards including Gold Award dealer, Platinum Award dealer, and Regional Award from companies with whom we do business. These awards are symbols of the hard work and effort that our dedicated staff gives every day.


Pre-Owned Hot Tubs and Spas Available

In addition to our brand new line of water relaxation products, we also carry pre-owned and refurbished hot tubs. Some homeowners are either upgrading to different models, moving away, or selling their home and need to let go of their current spas for any number of reasons. The previously owned models are often in excellent shape and require little maintenance. The benefit is that renovated models can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars while still getting a first-rate product.

We carefully inspect each model that arrives to make sure that it can be refurbished and redistributed to our customers. Although some of our models are pre-owned, we stand behind them 100% and add them to our already distinguished line of luxury spas. You can feel confident that your pre-owned spa will continue to perform well and bring you relaxing enjoyment for many years to come.


Routine Spa Installation, Maintenance & Repair

We provide complete service for your comfort spas. We can offer full installation, ongoing routine maintenance, hot tub repair, and pool repair when you need them. We are the leading spa repair and maintenance company in the Oklahoma City Area. Our pool store provides service for all parts of your model including motors, controls and functions, heaters, and other accessories and equipment that is associated with your spa. We are certified to do work on all the brands that we carry.

We encourage you to get a full annual inspection of your spa to ensure that all the components are functioning properly. An evaluation can keep typical small issues from turning into large, costly problems. We can come out and assess your spa and let you know if any issues need to be taken care of. If you want to enjoy your spa seasons after season, then contact Emerald Springs Spas. You will be glad you did!

Brand Hot Tubs & Spas
Hot Spring Spas

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Tuff Spas

TUFF spas are the toughest low-maintenance spas ever built. They all feature the TUFF top cover,a revolutionary reinforced cover...

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Fantasy spas

Fantasy Spas are the ultimate plug and play ready water relaxer. Utilizing standard 115v electrical plugs, Fantasy Spas require no electrical...

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Splash Superpools

Splash SuperPools. Splash SuperPools continues their 30-year tradition by making state of the art above ground pools Since not every yard is the same ...

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When a homeowner decides to invest in a hot tub or above ground pool, there are several considerations to think about. These include space and accommodation, design, function, longevity, options, and accessories as well as affordability. With over two decades of industry experience, the team at Emerald Springs Spas understands both the science and art behind water relaxation.

When a client visits our showroom and pool store, our main goal is to find out exactly what they are looking for. We can demonstrate how different spas and hot tubs function and which features will give the homeowner the experience they desire. Our experienced staff can educate our clients on all aspects of home spas and help them compare different brands. We can also help you save money by showing you which models are most energy efficient. When it is time to purchase a new soothing spa, let the experts at Emerald Springs Spas help you every step of the way.

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Superior Customer Service for Homeowners

Emerald Springs Spas prides itself on being able to deliver the highest level of service anywhere in Oklahoma City. We do more than just sell spas. We work closely with each of our clients to help them find the right hot tub that is perfect for their home. We are committed to providing the best products in the industry so that our customers are 100% satisfied. We go the extra mile to carefully walk homeowners through the entire process of purchasing a spa, delivering it to their backyard, making sure they fully understand all the features and accessories and then following up with any questions they may have, especially with pool repair and hot tub repair. We are known as the spa specialists that customers can trust.

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Modern Spa Features and Controls

Emerald Springs Spas has partnered with some of the leading manufacturers in the country to provide you long-lasting, durable, rejuvenating spas with a broad range of features and plenty of options. Whether you are seeking

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Award-Winning Spa Providers

We provide complete service for your comfort spas. We can offer full installation, ongoing routine maintenance, and complete repairs when you need them. We are the leading spa repair and maintenance

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