How to prepare for hot tub delivery

Welcome to the family of hot tub owners! Purchasing a tub is a big decision, and we’re glad you’ve joined us on the journey to relaxation. Now it’s time to get ready for your spa to arrive. It may be that you know exactly where the spa is going to go, and have everything lined up and ready to go. For most folks, though, there are a few steps to take before you’re ready for your spa to be installed.

Location, location, location

The first consideration is where to place your tub. Any place you’re considering should be flat, level ground capable of holding the full weight of the tub – filled with both water and people. A 7-person tub can hold 500 gallons of water. The water weight alone of a tub that size can be more than two tons. Add to that the weight of the spa, and the weight of the 7 people using it, and you can see that a spa needs a sturdy surface. Hot Spring recommends a concrete pad no less than four inches thick. If you are considering putting a smaller spa, like the Hot Spot, on an elevated deck, please have the deck assessed by a building contractor or structural engineer to determine its suitability.

It’s also important to consider the route your spa will have to travel from the street to its destination. Is there a clear path to bring in a spa? Is the route blocked by immovable obstacles? Are there moveable items in the way that can be cleared before delivery day? Knowing the answers to these questions can make installation day go more smoothly.

You’ll want easy access to the equipment compartment and circuit breakers for maintenance.

Preparing the ground

We mentioned before that Hot Spring recommends a concrete pad. This is the most durable, stable surface for your spa, but other surface preparations can be used for all but the heaviest tubs, as long as they are level. You can place your spa on a surface of gravel, railroad ties, stepping stones, or brick. Be aware that over time, these surfaces will settle, and it is likely your spa will need to be re-leveled.

Electrical considerations

Before your spa arrives, it’s important that you have a qualified, licensed electrician visit your home and install the appropriate electrical circuits. Your dealer can tell you what voltage is required for the heating system in your spa.

Having the electrical work completed will ensure you can enjoy your spa as quickly as possible.

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