Techniques for relaxation

We all know a good soak in a spa is a great way to relax at the end of a long day. In a Hot Spring spa, this is especially true, because our configuration of massage jets are specifically designed to help relieve tension, and our mood-setting lighting options only enhance the effect.

But there are other things you can do to maximize the relaxation you feel in your tub. Here are five experience-boosting ideas.

Breathe deep

Yoga practitioners have long known the benefits of deep, even breathing. Yoga teacher Gaia Boyd, with This Land Yoga tells us that complete breaths detoxify your body by expelling carbon dioxide and tell your body’s nervous system that the time has come to relax and be refreshed. You’ll know you’re getting a full, deep breath when your stomach expands more than your chest does – you’re getting air all the way into the bottom of your lungs.


Before hopping into your tub, take a few moments to stretch out your tense muscles. Gentle stretching can help improve circulation and reduce pain. Stretching before getting in a spa compounds the stress-relieving properties of both activities.

Submerge yourself

When you’re in your spa, take a moment to sink in fully. Often we see people using their spa from the waist down. Take just a few minutes to experience the spa from the chin down – you’ll improve circulation all over your body, and give the jets an opportunity to work on the areas we carry stress: our back, shoulders, and neck.

Set an intention

Another tip from our yogi friends, setting an intention to relax can make your time in the tub more effective. Setting an intention is easy: simply ask yourself “why am I taking this time to be in the hot tub?” Your answer could be extremely simple, such as “I’m being kind to myself.” Or it can have a more big-picture aim, such as “I am taking time away from all my responsibilities to reconnect with my sense of peace.” Being mindful of your goal to relax and de-stress makes it more likely you’ll stay in the right frame of mind and receive the full benefits of your therapeutic time. When you feel your mental stressors slipping back in, set them aside, knowing that you’re staying true to the intention you set before you ever got in the tub.


A quiet spa, accompanied only by the gently bubbling water, can be the perfect place for meditation. Sit with your spine in a straight line – meditating in water is great for sitting posture, because your buoyancy makes it easier to sit up – and relax each part of your body, from your head to your toes. Focus on your deep breathing, and as thoughts creep up, let them pass aside like clouds floating through a blue sky, continuing to focus on your breath. Even 10 minutes of meditation can reap a world of benefits.

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