Hydrotherapy and back pain

Back pain sufferers know that chronic pain can feel like a never-ending battle. Back pain ranges from dull aches to stabbing pains, and its causes are numerous. Typically associated with aging, back pain is a common “getting older” punchline. But its causes can also be serious injury, poor physical practices, poor health, and poor posture.

Enjoying a hot tub won’t miraculously fix the source of your back pain. But it can relieve the aching, cramped muscles often association with back pain. It can also relieve pressure on your spine, as the buoyancy you experience in the water keeps weight off your back.

It’s not surprising to find that spas are being used as therapy for lower back pain. While this is considered an alternative, or complementary, practice in the United States, pools of hot water have been used as a restorative since ancient times in other parts of the world. Modern medicine is beginning to embrace hydrotherapy for back pain, and new studies confirm what anecdotes have been telling us – the heat of a spa, combined with the massage of the jets, can indeed relieve pain and loosen tight muscles.

If you’re looking for a spa to relieve back pain, it’s important you take a close look at these features:


Make sure the jet configuration you choose will target your problem areas. A massage will do you little good if it’s not directed where the pain is.


Can you control the temperature of your spa easily? You will want to find a temperature that’s comfortable for you, without having to strain, or exit the pool. An easily-reached control screen will improve your experience, and a removable remote will be the most convenient option of all.

As with any medical issue, we encourage you to speak with your doctor about available remedies, and be sure to let them know you’re thinking of purchasing a spa so they can guide your course of treatment.

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