A50: Storm Clouds/Outerbanks Gray (working model)


Submerge yourself in total relaxation with our Ascent Series DE-SL50 and DE-S50 50-Jet home spas. The DE-SL50 and DE-S50 50-Jet models are available in both lounger and non-lounger models. These spas come equipped with signature Strong Spas features including both interior and exterior lighting, 50 stainless steel two-tone massage jets, as well as LED-backed headrests and water columns — the perfect way to destress after a long and stressful day at the office or with up to 6 friends for a weekend gathering.


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Primary Specs
Spa Dimensions 85" x 85" x 36"
Average Spa Volume 400USG/1514L
Stainless Steel Jets 50 Jets
Seating 6 Adults
Massage Pumps 2
Heater 4kw SS All-Weather
Exterior LED Sconces
Electrical 240V/60hz
Lights Interior & Exterior LED, Incl. 3 LED Water Columns
Massage Pump #1 5BHP 2-spd
Massage Pump #2 5BHP 1-spd
Filtration 50 sq. ft. Floating Weir