How to troubleshoot your spa pump

Having to have your spa repaired is never fun. You want to be using your spa, not having it worked on! The truth is, your spa has a number of working parts, and each one needs to be operating at its peak for you to have the best possible spa experience. Keeping that performance up often means enlisting the aid of a service professional, but there are some things you can do to troubleshoot basic problems with your spa pump.

Safety first

Your spa MUST be disconnected from power before you attempt any troubleshooting. Do not, under any circumstances, handle your spa’s pump while it is connected to power. Disconnect your spa from power at the circuit breaker before inspecting the pump. If you are the slightest bit uncertain, call a professional.

Identify the problem

Before you even open up the panel concealing your spa’s inner workings, you need to identify what specific symptom you’re attempting to fix.

Common issues homeowners identify include:

Pump humming, but no water flowing

Low flow rate

Water leaks

Jets not operating

Spa won’t turn on

Identifying the symptoms of a problem can also help you accurately describe the issue to a technician if you do call a professional for help. A clear understanding of the problem will lead to better outcomes, every time.

5 steps to take

  1. Make sure the water level in your spa is correct. Water levels that are too low will prevent water from being pumped through the system effectively, and can cause the motor to burn out.
  2. Check your power source. If your spa won’t turn on at all, it may be that the circuit breaker has been tripped. If you are testing the power source, but proceed to other steps, make sure you disconnect from power before approaching any of the powered components inside the spa.
  3. Ensure the proper settings for your spa. This means making sure the valves are open, the spa lock is off, and any levers, controls, or dials are in the proper positions.
  4. Check your filters and make sure they are not clogged. A clogged filter can cause poor water flow and strain on the motor.
  5. Check for leaks. Look around all of the inlet and outlet plumbing, and around the spa pump for evidence of leakage.

Know the basics

When you open the spa’s inner workings, it’s best to know what you’re looking at. All reputable manufacturers will supply you with an owner’s manual, and your dealer should be able to help you locate a manual for older, pre-owned spas.

Knowing the various parts of your system will help you identify where the problem is coming from – are you seeing leaks around the pump, or does the heating element appear to be loose?

If you’ve tried the basic troubleshooting steps above, but your spa is still not operating properly, it’s time to call a spa repairman. Do not attempt to remove the pump or heating elements on your own. We handle spa repairs for every major brand across Oklahoma City. We can get a technician to you on time to assess the situation and make recommendations and repairs.

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