Using Your Hot Tub All Winter Long

It’s easy to envision using your hot tub on warm summer nights. During these winter months, though, a dip in a steaming tub can be a rewarding relaxation at the end of a long day. Closing your pool at the end of the summer season is a yearly ritual for most owners, but closing your hot tub doesn’t have to be. You may even find you prefer using your hot tub during the winter months. These handy tips will keep you enjoying your hot tub all year long.

Get a checkup

Our friendly service staff can make sure your spa is running in peak condition before you add the strain of operating in winter weather. We will identify and correct any potential problem areas, and keep your spa in its best possible shape.

Stay safe

Water that is splashed out of your hot tub when you enter and exit is a potential freezing hazard. Be sure to clean up any water around the tub before heading in for the night, to ensure the dropping temperatures don’t turn that puddle into an ice rink.

Winter use can be made safer by the addition of a Spa Side Handrail. Its 360-degree rotation means you’re safe both entering and exiting the pool.

Keep it covered

Our hot tub covers can help keep snow, ice, and rain out of your hot tub, and can help hold heat in. Your spa works overtime in the cold months, keeping your water at a pleasant temperature, and a quality cover can help minimize this extra work.

You can count on us to service and supply your hot tub so that you can enjoy it any month of the year. Our programmable models can make it a breeze to get the perfect temp when you’re ready for a dip, minimizing your time in the elements. Come by our Bethany showroom to learn more about the products and services we offer, and to take a dip in one of the pools in our industry-leading Mood Room.

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