Could Your Home Use a Backyard Upgrade?

Nearly 19 million American families have at their homes hot tubs, spas, or splash pools. OKC residents living without these are simply missing out on some of life’s most enjoyable amenities! Today’s household splash pools and spas are more advanced, more unique, and more affordable than ever before. And with Emerald Springs Spas, a leading pool and hot tub retailer in Oklahoma, you can be assured that you’re getting the best of the best. To help you dive in, we’ll go over the basics.

Splash Pool Advantages

Whatever you’re looking for with your above ground splash pool, there’s a make and model that will fit your needs. In terms of splash pools, OKC residents should be looking for a pool that aligns with the size and depth appropriate for their home and their family. Here are six types of splash pools to consider. SuperPool: ​Designed with innovative touches that set standards for the market. One of the top features is the liner, which is specially coated to resist dirt, mildew, fungi, and provide protection from damaging UV light. Available in seven sizes so you can be sure to find your perfect fit. Omega: ​Omega pools feature similar quality and features to SuperPools, but in a round style that may provide a better fit for some backyards. They’re available in four different sizes, each with four feet of water depth.

AlphaPool: ​The AlphaPool offers all the same standard features as the SuperPool, but boasts five feet of water depth – perfect for families with larger kids.
TadPool: ​The ideal pool for little swimmers, the TadPool is specially optimized for families with small children. It’s designed as an “entry-level” pool, with both a smaller size and depth than other models.
TitanPool3: ​The TitanPool3 was created with one main objective: provide the same superior quality as the SuperPool at a price point that’s more accessible. Available in six sizes and with a liner similar to the original SuperPool.
Saratoga: ​When it comes to the Saratoga pool, OKC residents can expect a sturdy, resin design and heavy corrugated walls that are made to last. There’s also a 7” resin top ledge that helps protect swimmers from the sun.


Sometimes you just need to sit back and relax. For standard, fantasy, and Hot Spring Spas, OKC homeowners know to turn to Emerald Springs. We have fantasy spas ideal for customers looking for a simple, relaxing tub and tuff spas for those wishing for a product that’s easy to store and manage. Like splash pools, you’ll want to choose a spa that matches the needs of your family. With each manufacturer designing spas with unique features, we know we can help you find your match.

Accessories and Supplies

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you’ll find a wide variety of accessories and supplies for fun and maintenance, including pool toys, slides, and more. Emerald Springs offers the best options in pool supplies in OKC so that you can take your water feature to the next level.


Hot Tub Repair

An existing spa isn’t much good if it’s not working. Emerald Springs offers premiere hot tub service OKC residents can rely on, and is honored to help you find the best repair options. We can repair most major brands and models so that you don’t have to spend big on a replacement.


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