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Accessories and Pool Supplies in OKC

Since 1998, Emerald Springs Spas has provided the Oklahoma City area with the very best in hot tubs, above ground pools, and spas. Our Bethany-based business has grown in the last two decades and continues to grow thanks to the loyal support of our many customers.

During our time in business, we have met many excellent folks from in and around the Oklahoma City area, and every above the ground pool or spa we have installed has brought us closer together with those inside our community. For this reason, Emerald Springs Spas wants to extend our services so that you have everything you need to keep your above ground pool or spa clean, healthy, and fun! In order to keep the fun alive it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance. Our selection of above ground pool cleaners and filters will help keep your hot tub in the best possible shape.

We have never wavered from a strong desire to provide the absolute best pools with the best service. As many pool owners are aware, it is important to keep up with the routine maintenance and cleaning. That is precisely why Emerald Springs Spas has begun stocking the many necessary accessories you will need to perform routine maintenance on your pool. That is why we only carry the best above ground pool chemicals, cleaners, above ground pool filters, skimmers, and ladders for your convenience. Below you will find a current list of our above ground pool accessories and pool supplies in OKC.

Pool Maintenance Accessories

Having the proper balance of above ground pool chemicals in your swimming pool is a necessary part of having safe and clean swimming water for you and your family. Emerald Springs Spas carries the very best to ensure that your pool is kept in the best shape possible for as long as possible, no matter your need or what your budget is.

For example, we carry excellent high-grade chlorine at very competitive prices. This is one of the most essential above ground pool chemicals for maintaining just the right balance in your pool to keep it both clean and safe for swimming.

When the chlorine bonds with particulates in your pool, it creates chloramine particles. The chloramine particles should be removed from the pool once a week in order to maintain optimal sanitary conditions. This is where pool shock comes into play. Pool shock gets rid of the chloramine particles by oxidizing them, which turns them into gas. Depending on what kind of pool you have, Emerald Springs Spas will know exactly what you need and will be able to direct you to the above ground pool chemicals you need.

We also carry state of the art above ground pool cleaners that run along the floor and the walls of your pool to scrub away unwanted dirt and algae. But if you are not interested in footing the bill for a motorized above ground pool cleaner, we also carry other types of above ground pool cleansers such as high-quality pool brushes that are just as effective. Again, quality is the key word here. A good pool brush should last a very long time without the bristles fraying or becoming useless. It can clean a wide variety of surfaces, even in those tough to reach places effectively. Emerald Springs Spas stocks a solid variety of above ground pool cleaners to suit your pool’s individual needs.

If you are looking for quality above ground pool filters, we offer a wide array of choices to fit your pool. Our selection of above ground pool filters includes sand filters, D.E. filters, and cartridge filters. Sand filters may not be the greatest in terms of water quality, but they last a long time and are still the least expensive and most simple to operate. D.E. are great for water quality, but require some upkeep and routine maintenance. Whichever above ground pool filter you choose, Emerald Springs Spas will carry the top name brands at the most affordable prices. Choose the above ground pool filter that meets your specific needs.

For those who enjoy swimming in their pool at night or in cooler weather, then you may be interested in an above ground pool heater. If you are hosting a party or a special occasion and invite over the neighbors and office folks, an above ground pool heater might be exactly the thing you need. Even summer nights can be a bit chilly, so installing an above ground pool heater ensures you can stay in the water just a few hours longer.

Make the most out of your above ground pool or spa. Emerald Springs Spas above ground pool heaters are ideal for extending the swimming season an extra month if you are so inclined. No more tarping over the pool in late September or wishing that April would be over already so you can enjoy the water. An above ground pool heater gives you a little extra time each year to enjoy your pool. Emerald Springs Spas carries high-quality above ground pool heaters that will last you all year long.

Don’t forget about your above ground pool ladder! A better above ground pool ladder accrues less wear and tear over time and remains stable regardless of the elements. Lower quality above ground pool ladders can rust or become damaged, and this can shorten the life of the ladder. Emerald Springs Spas only carries the highest quality above ground pool ladders which will last much longer than the average ladder. In the long run, this will save you from purchasing replacement above ground pool ladders.

Pool Toys, Slides, and More

Above the ground pools require a lot of work to keep up, and having the best supplies is important. Now that we have gotten the maintenance equipment out of the way, we can talk about our selection of above the ground pool toys, slides, and more for everyone to enjoy! Emerald Springs Spas is all about increasing your summer fun. We want to provide you and those closest to you with affordable, fun options so that your downtime in the water is both safe and relaxing.

Emerald Springs Spas knows that kids are not interested in above the ground pool filters or covers. This is why we have such a great selection of water games and inflatable toys. This includes inflatable floating pool chairs, inflatable toys, and other pool toys and games. We carry everything you and your family could ever want for summertime recreation.

While the kids are sliding into the above the ground pool down the water slide, mom and dad can loaf about on those warm summer days and read or relax on our inflatable rafts. This is a great way to have a peaceful time while beating the heat. Watch your kids have a fantastic time playing with an awesome assortment of pool toys and sports games.

If you are interested in teaching your newer swimmers all about the basics of swimming, you can help them build confidence by purchasing our training aids. They are perfect for the little ones who may not be entirely comfortable in the water yet. These training aids are specially engineered by experts in swimming instruction to provide top notch skill-building and experience. Once your child may have been nervous around the pool – but with the help of these training aids, they will learn to love the water!

So whether you are looking to install an above ground swimming pool in your backyard, or you simply need the right tools to perform routine maintenance on your pool, Emerald Springs Spas has the right selection for you. Our passion is to provide our customers with the best pool experience you can get anywhere. Throughout our years in business, we have managed to thrive by putting everything we have into every above ground pool we install.

List of Pool and Spa Accessories

Emerald Springs Spas has a high-quality selection of:

  • Basic above ground pool maintenance equipment, including brushes, vacuums, and nets
  • Above ground pool chemicals, cleaners, filters, and heaters
  • Above ground pool ladders and water slides
  • Pool toys and accessories
  • Pool lighting
  • Swim training aids for the youngsters

Our Mission

Located in the heart of Oklahoma City on historic Route 66, Emerald Springs Spas is Oklahoma City’s premiere authorized Elite Hot Spring Spa retailer. Our commitment to excellence has served us in becoming a growing business that caters to all of your above the ground pool and spa needs.

Your quality of life is our business. We realize that pools are not just a fixture to make your house look nice or because other people have one. They are about spending quality time with your family and enjoying each other’s company. Above the ground pools and spas have a tendency to bring people together – this includes barbecues, birthday parties, family reunions, and all of those weekends in between school and work. Emerald Springs Spas helps you create memories that will last a lifetime.

Stop by our showroom, where Oklahoma City residents go to relax and save. You can see for yourself the gorgeous acrylic spa colors on display. You can even bring your swimsuit and try out a test soak in our MoodRoom. We will turn on the bubbling hot tub just for you!

At Emerald Springs Spas, we bring that love of those moments to life by offering the best selection of above ground pools and pool accessories that you can find anywhere in the great state of Oklahoma. Our commitment to quality at affordable prices has allowed us to actualize our passion of helping families build those wonderful moments together.

For all your swimming pool supplies, visit Emerald Springs Pools & Spas of Bethany!